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DragonFrae Art Therapy
Transpersonal Art Therapist
Breathe Create Explore 
Healing through Art 


Small Group Therapy

   Maximum of 4 Participants 

1.5 to 2 hours 

In a small supportive group environment participants explore a range of issues that challenge their health and wellbeing.

using a variety of materials to express their emotions and through the therapist's support seek out appropriate solutions to heal themselves 



Maximum of 15 Participants

1.5 to 2 hours 

Within a Workshop environment participants explore a variety of creative art methods. Identifying their inner thoughts and actions. 

and developing creative  tools to support their healing.

Group rules around confidentiality and engagement are set and ensure that participants feel safe to express their issues and concerns.



Conferences, Network Groups, and Businesses


Presentations will be delivered at various Mental Health and Wellbeing Conferences, Network Meetings, and interested Businesses.

 These sessions will inform participants on what Transpersonal Art Therapy is and the benefits for Participants

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Welcome to

DragonFrae Art Therapy.

We live in a world where we often look to external sources for meaning and happiness, yet within each of us lies the keys to feeling stronger, joyful and more capable.

The answer is as simple as taking a few moments to ourselves ,picking up a pencil, crayon or paintbrush, then seeing what comes out.

Transpersonal Art Therapy is a simple and wonderfully freeing way to access our inner wisdom as well as an alternate path to healing.


You do not have to be an artist to try this therapy,


You simply need to engage an let your creativity flow .

About me


 Liz Irvine.

I'm in my mid-sixties and I have a lived experience  with Post Traumatic Stress, Depression, Grief, and Adoption.

It was through Transpersonal Art Therapy that I was able to move through the fog and begin to live a more productive and healthier life.


 Creating art from within has given me an inherent healing power.

The images I create have amplified my ability to facilitate new understandings and insights into my life's challenges leading to an amazing  positive growth and healing. 

Getting Help

Join me and engage with the healing power of creating Art.

Transpersonal Art Therapy allows individuals to travel within and search for clarity and see through the lenses of different perspectives, sometimes finding surprising solutions for their challenging life issues. This therapeutic process goes beyond  their conditioned thinking into a deeper understanding of self.


Working with PTSD


Life Cycle Challenges 


Men and Women


Death of a Loved One :Loss and Grief



issues through 



Managing  Traumatic Stress 

Through working with Liz, I have found that the Transpersonal Art Therapy process has helped me to regulate my emotions whilst developing my self-awareness and decreasing stresses in my life.


Liz’s therapeutic approach encompasses a wide range of guided creative art activities such as drawing, painting, colouring and sculpting in clay, which are fun to explore. The Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions with Liz have also helped me to build a newfound sense of enjoyment, creativity, and calm.


Helen B. Age: 62yrs 

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